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Schneider PL Adapters

Thought I would share this with you. I've only had my F5 camera a few weeks and one of things I struggled with while setting up the kit was Lens options. There are a few things as primarily a single camera operator I had to keep in mind to be able to keep moving light and working quickly to the tight schedules and budgets my clientele demands. Quality always has to remain in the back of your mind but on those tight budgets it can't be 'at any cost' for the one man businesses we run. 


So I went with the Canon 17-120 PL as I was hoping to be able to work with one lens for the majority of my shooting that requires a run 'n' gun approach...and those jobs where Primes are required it's a hire in. So far I've found the lens long enough teamed with centre cut when required but I have struggled a bit on the wide end. So I'm sure it's the same with those on the Cabrio 19-90.


What I trialled today will not be for everyone and if you’re a Len’s Junkie look away now………


Ok you’re still here…. today I trialled two Schneider products which might be the answer to both your “Not quite wide enough” problem and “wish I could chuck in a doubler as well” ( not something I’ve not heard from those with the Cabrio 85-300 …. nice glass).


The first item is the Schneider Digital Cinema Wide Angle 114mm adapter. The adapter is a really easy clip on piece of kit which can live on your accessories belt while you’re in the field, it comes with a belt pack and a solid metal lens cap and plastic back cap and weighs in at 499g. The Non Zoom - through adapter was designed and built for these lenses and will increase your field of view by 30% bringing a Canon 17-120 down to approximately a 12mm, and the Cabrio 19-90 down to roughly 14.5mm while the Cabrio 14-35 comes down to 10mm… it is compatible with all 3 lenses. It’s a really quick and easy fitting with a spring loaded snap latch which seems to lock on snugly without having to apply too much pressure. Once you’ve fitted the glass you put your focus barrel to it’s minimum and then adjust till sharp using the Macro ring on your lens, I was able to go from rubber hood to sharp on the WA in under 20secs.  Obviously you are limited to no filters when fitted.



The second adapter is the Schneider 2 X PL doubler for the rear of PL lenses. It does what you would expect from a doubler and wearing a Schneider badge you should be able to expect good quality glass. It can take the Canon 17-120 with the use of Centre cut all the way up to a 480mm… your Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 out to 360mm and 85-300 to 1200mm. 



With both of these adapters it’s up to you to decide if the product suits you and your clients needs and if yes how hard you push that doubler. I have shot some sample files today and I hope to be able to post them next week. 

Price guide in USD $2000 each. 

Thanks to Scott Backhouse at Lemac in Sydney who supplied the gear for the Demo.